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Interleavers & Stacking Systems

Pacproinc Inc. - Packaging Progressions Inc.

Tri-Mach Group Inc. is the exclusive sales, service and parts representative in Canada for Pacproinc®.

Pacproinc® manufactures a full line of pre-packaging and processing equipment for the food industry. The solutions they provide help to increase productivity and lower costs – ultimately improving your bottom line!

Designed to interface with virtually any piece of equipment, their interleavers accurately and consistently place a pre-programmed sheet of paper, cardboard or film under a sliced or formed portion of food products. Once the interleaver sheet has been placed under the portion, it may be folded or wrapped around the product for ease of separation and sanitary handling.

Stacking modules may be added to the interleaver to automatically count and stack the interleaved portions into groups. Stacked groups are then conveyed to a wrapping or cartoning machine or can be easily packaged-off by hand.

As specialists in direct food contact, Pacproinc® can provide packaging materials that meet their customers’ strictest food safety requirements.


  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Cookie Dough
  • Dough Products
  • Empanadas & Tortillas
  • Pasta Sheets
  • Patties & Burgers
  • Philly Steak
  • Pizza Bases & Flatbreads
  • Shatter Pack
  • Sliced Deli Meats
  • Sliced Salmon

Interleavers & Stacking Systems

Interleavers & Stacking Systems